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Technical Talk: “A decade of 3-dimensional mapping of Quaternary sediments in southern Ontario; protocols, products and applications”

  • 17 Oct 2013
  • 8:00 PM
  • Seminar Room (Tory 3-36), Tory Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton


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The Edmonton Geological Society is inviting you to attend an evening talk by Dr. Andrew Bajc, recipient of the 2012 Provincial Geologists Medal, on October 17 at the U of A, Tory Building, Seminar Room (Tory 3-36) at 8:00 p.m. The title of his presentation is :

“A decade of 3-dimensional mapping of Quaternary sediments in southern Ontario; protocols, products and applications”


Andy F. Bajc

Ontario Geological Survey, 933 Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury, ON, P3E 6B5


Ontario’s recently enacted Clean Water Act legislates the establishment, by local Conservation Authorities, of watershed-based source water protection plans designed to protect the health and sustainability of Ontario’s drinking water.  An important component of these plans is the development of regionally-based groundwater flow models. To assist in the modelling efforts, the OGS has implemented a program designed to construct regional-scale, 3-D models of Quaternary deposits in priority areas of the province. The goals of these projects are: 1) to reconstruct the Quaternary history of each region to enable the formulation of conceptual geologic models; 2) to create detailed 3-D models of Quaternary sediments; 3) to characterize the geometry and geologic properties of important hydrostratigraphic units; 4) to delineate possible recharge areas and areas of aquifer vulnerability; and 5) to create a series of user-friendly products that can be used by a diverse client base.

This presentation will briefly summarize the field program developed to assist with the creation of conceptual geologic models and highlight the procedures and protocols involved in the construction of 3-D geologic models with special emphasis on data standardization, procedures developed to account for variable data quality, using clipping surfaces and merged models to better represent regions characterized by deeply incised and filled valleys; utilizing data contained in water well records that had been previously ignored or underutilized such as screen depth and static water level information to aid in aquifer identification and correlation and using graphical displays to portray model reliability and uncertainty while at the same time maintaining client confidence in the product.

A discussion of products and visualization tools developed for a wide range of clients including the utilization of GoogleTM Earth, hyperlinked datasets to view newly-cored borehole logs and datasets and a cross-section viewer capable of drawing sections along user-defined lines drawn in Microsoft Windows Virtual Earth will also be given.  This functionality has allowed for enhanced user interaction with the spatial data.

 To check the citation for Dr. Andrew Bajc’s receiving the Provincial Geologist Medal in 2012 go to:


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